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Resolving Landlord Tenant Disputes


Gordon Legal, P.C. is a full-service landlord tenant law firm located in White Plains, New York founded on the idea that a great law firm should provide exceptional customer service and solutions to its clients, while always keeping in mind the costs associated with achieving our clients' goals.

We emphasize providing clients with superior legal representation and practical guidance at cost effective rates. We understand the importance of making ourselves available to our clients and being responsive to our clients' needs. We look at ourselves as partners with our clients, which is why we provide our clients with not only legal analysis, but often participate in general business strategy, marketing, and lobbying efforts. Our focus is on the big picture rather than the billable hour.

Our goal is to help our clients avoid problems, rather than simply deal with problems as they arise. In short, We are in the business of relationships within our community and strategic alliances with our clients. We know that information is power and that key relationships are the best way to wield that power. 

Landlord Tenant Law, Leasing & Evictions

Landlord tenant law concerns landlord's and tenant's rights and responsibilities. Because the apartment you rent is your own personal space, the law places many limits on landlords' activities. For example, if a landlord tries to make you move without giving you enough notice, or ignores a rat infestation in your apartment, a landlord / tenant lawyer knows what options you have as a tenant. On the other hand, a landlord / tenant lawyer also helps landlords who have tenants breaking rules, such as moving out early or refusing to pay rent. Landlord tenant laws are very specific, with different rules in each city. Gordon Legal can help guide you. If you are a landlord, you might also benefit by having Gordon Legal draft, review or revise your lease agreement.


If you have issues with someone and want to sue, or you are being sued, you will need an experienced civil litigation attorney. Litigation attorneys specialize in the litigation process and understand all of the ins and outs of the courtroom, including the process, procedures, and deadlines you must meet to keep your lawsuit on track.  Gordon Legal will research the facts that caused the dispute and analyze them to identify the pertinent law and how it applies. After this preliminary review, we will provide an analysis of your rights and duties and discuss with you the strengths and weaknesses of your case, including a cost-benefit analysis in litigating your case.

We understand that business litigation can put a tremendous strain on the human and financial resources of any organization. We work closely with our clients to develop case strategies and solutions that fit client objectives to resolve disputes as quickly, effectively, and efficiently as possible. Our clients rely on our strategic thinking and creative problem-solving to resolve their disputes.



  • Honest and Up Front with the Case at Hand

    The benefit from working with Gordon Legal is you get the dynamics of a large law firm, Steve is a plethora of information in his field and I have yet to meet any other attorney who is as knowledgeable, helpful and able to guide you through your case with Tenant–Landlord court. Gordon legal was ... Read On

  • Very Professional

    From my very first contact with Steve, it was clear I was in highly capable hands. My landlord against tenant case was handled expertly at every step with professionalism. Steve handled my case in a very professional and competent manner. His extensive knowledge and advice regarding the law and n... Read On

  • Fair and Trustworthy

    Landlord-Tenant is a small portion of my practice; usually cases are taken on only as an accommodation to a client. Working with Mr. Gordon has allowed me to take on cases which would ordinarily be time/cost inefficient. This assists me in my goal of being the “go-to” person for legal advice to m... Read On

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At Gordon Legal, PC, we focus on commercial and residential landlord-tenant law and we are here to listen to you and help you navigate the legal system.


Gordon Legal, PC is committed to answering your questions about landlord-tenant law issues in the New York metropolitan region.

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